Ok first off I’m going to say up front this is largely going to be a rant so take the bulk of this as pure opinion. The news part of this is that Chloë Grace Moretz, who will be starring in the live action adaption to The Little Mermaid, announced that the little mermaid will be blonde, not the redhead from the Classic Disney animated film. This is because the original work the live action and Disney animated version draw on by Hans Christen Andersen never said she was a redhead. Disney just named her Ariel and made her a redhead, along with a couple other story deviations. The movie is being done by Universal and will be out in 2017.

That said, yes then there is some logical reasoning to do this, however, newsflash…how many people have read the original? Let’s face it if you ask most of the population where the Little Mermaid comes from, they’re most likely going to tell you it’s a Disney animated film. If you ask them to describe her, they’ll tell you she’s a redhead with a beautiful singing voice. They might even know her age (16). They may even be able to tell you the movie came out in 1989. But odds are, unless they happened to have read t or possibly Wikipedia or similar, thy won’t know a thing about the story it’s based on.

So really, in my opinion, this is a cover your butt move by Universal, that is quite likely just going to confuse nearly everyone who goes to see the movie. I’m guessing they are worried if they used a redhead end mermaid, they’d risk skirting copyright infringement. But seriously???? Just work something out and move on, this is just going to have people thinking they messed up one of the most important parts of the movie. I honestly could see this thing tanking worse than Fox’s last attempt at the Fantastic Four.

Granted this is not the first time one of the princesses hair color was changed. Disney did it to their own movie when they re-released Cinderella. Originally she had what was dubbed “burnt orange,” not the bright blonde we see these days. Personally, I think they should have kept the original. As a side note the original version had a white dress, not the classic blue one. Well it was the same style, just a different color.