UPDATE: Disney began enforcing this today (June 7, 2017).

A few things in the news over the last couple of days from FastPass+ cheaters, to scarce banshees to new preferred parking and more.

So I didn’t even know this was a thing, but the Mouse is fixing to crack down on FastPass+ cheaters by locking out the accounts of offenders.  So apparently folks have gotten sneaky and been using expired tickets or a second set of tickets on their account to use with the in park FastPass+ kiosks to book more than their allocated three FastPasss.  Seems the system had a loophole and has not been verifying park entry before letting the kiosks work nor checking if the ticket is expired.  This validation will be added in the near future to close the gap, locking out the accounts of abusers. 

Supposedly what is bringing this to a head is the rise of third party tour guides, who promise FastPass+ For anything to their clients.  Probably wouldn’t be the end of the world if they were playing by the rules and it was the clients ticket and limited to the restrictions that are supposed to be in place, however, they are sending employees in at rope drop with a handful of expired/extra tickets and bee lining to the kiosks to snatch up the FastPass+.

What the fix is going to do is lock out My Disney Experience accounts if the system flags it for abuse (IE they didn’t use it the ticket to get in).  Guest Relations can unlock it if they deem there was no abuse.  Also Cast Members at the FastPass+ returns will be able to see if it is a valid Admission when you try to redeem it and can accordingly deny entry.

No exact time for this change is known, but is expected soon.

Apple Watch owners will soon have a few more Disney Watch Face options.  We’ve had Mickey and Minnie for a while, but today at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference it was annouced that Woody, Buzz, and Jessie would be coming soon with a Apple Watch update (whenever they release Watch OS 4 anyway which is likely in the fall with IOS 11).

If you’re going to Pandora and want one of those cute Banshees from the Rookery you will likely be out of luck for a few weeks.  Demand for the adorable little critters has been high and the Mouse has sold out.  They are expected to return, but again it’ll be a few weeks before they are expected to return.

Over at The Springs, Disney has recently announced they will begin offering prefered parking for the Lemon and Grapefruit surface lots for $10.  These sit near World of Disney and Cirque Du Soliel and have been free though hard to get lots.  Lets face it, in recent years parking at Disney Springs has been a bit of adventure though the garages have helped.  This is in addition to valet parking avaible for $20 over on the West Side near Cirque Du Soliel.  The mouse added preferred parking to the parks last year and though I fail to see it being as useful there, I imagine it might end up gaining more traction at Disney Springs.

Party Goers will also note this year that the Christmas and Halloween party tickets will be a bit more expensive, though this stays on par that all assorted admissions prices tend to increase every year.  However, it’s interesting to note there are reports that this is starting to affect attendence…could we be hitting a balance point for assorted ticket prices?  Time will tell.

Passholders can get a deal on Express Transportation for the Summer from June 5 to July 31 and valid to use from June 5 to August 10 at $59 per person.  This works for all 4 parks and basically if you are wondering what this is, Disney added this Express Transportation option a while ago that takes from inside one park to another, allowing you to go thru security once and not have to worry about a huge line for a bus.  This can be a huge time saver for park hoppers and can also be aquired by non PassHolders as an addon at single or multi day rates.