UPDATE: Refurbishment is taking longer and is now tentatively to re-open on June 18.

Currently Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away show is being refurbished til June 16.  When it returns it should be swapped from using the permanent stage they’ve been using to use mobile stages.  These will be set up in the morning and removed after the last showing to provide more space for people to view Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular and Disney Movie Magic shows in the evenings (or well any other night time show they decide to put over there).

While you’re are going about Hollywood studios, don’t forget they’ve changed the Launch Bay a bit and added a Meet and Greet for BB-8.  He of course can’t sign an autograph, but he’ll happily beep and rotate while posing for a photo with you.  He’s a bit past the Jawas taking the left path instead of continuing on to the displays and gift shop.  You can also still encounter Kylo Ren and meet Chewbacca a bit before that on the lower level as well as the occasional Stormtrooper patrol.  The whole area is a must see for Star Wars fans.