First up, Disney Dining Plan fans, effective today all dining plans recieved a 3% price increase (approximately $3 a person). Now of course if you are optimizing your points for your meals and snacks you will still save in the long run, however, you'll spend more to get the plan than you used to. The plan specifics would not change.

You can now pick a purple MagicBand when customizing MagicBands in My Disney Experience. This has been requested since they launched the MagicBands, but the mouse has not added it as an option. A short while back they added purple to the customization station at Walt Disney World, but had noticible left out this option at the time.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on Digital April 1 (no joke) and to disc on April 5. Various retailers will also be offering editions available only at their store with extra bonus features and stuff. Construction for the new Star Wars Land will also be starting in the relatively near future.

On the ocean going front, Disney has announced they will be adding two more ships to their fleet in 2021 and 2023. Definately a ways off, so expect more information as it gets closer.

Over in Animal Kingdom, the Mouse has announced a debut date for the new Rivers of Light nightly show. It will debut April 22 and be a water and laser show without fireworks (to not disturb the residents). It will be over past Nemo The Musical on the shore heading around towards Everest and Asia.

In video game news, Disney has announced that they will continue supporting Infinity 3.0 thru 2016 with four new Play Sets, new characters (Baloo, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Black Suit Spider-Man for all systems, Marvel Battlegrounds, etc. This will be the first year since Infinity first launched that will not see yet another disc version. Which, while they have been pouring in an extensive amount of content has left some gamers frustratedly as it's one thing to buy new characters, Power Discs, and new content for the game you own, shelling out $60 dollars to use the new content year after year when it feels like most of what's on the disc is a patch or could've been a DLC pack gets old. I now that may come across as harsh or cynical, but my friends and I got Version 1 (I actually have all three though not all of the assorted stuff) and the Version 2.0 which seemed more of let's fix the things that felt incomplete or not really up to par, but if you wanna play the old playlets you still need Version 1 (which was more annoying as the older systems it launched on were effectively hitting the end of the line at it's launch). Fast forward a year, yet another Version…so it's nice to see them actually giving this one a bit more of a solid run. Perhaps it's just me, but anywho.

Just a note for fellow folks with allergies, while Disney is generally great at handling these, do be sure to check it and ask questions if it doesn't look like what you expect. My recent trip saw multiple goof ups, and it's better to be safe than sorry.