I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and is ready for the holidays. It’s been crazy here at Stitch’s Home busy, busy with a project on he job that does keep the lights on. Hopefully, things will settle back down here after the first o the year and I’ll get back to the regular feature schedule and more speedy news updates. However, I wanted to take a moment a talk about a few recent happening in the land of the Mouse. While I’ve yet to have a chance to see it, Congratulations to Disney and Lucafilms for decimating the box office records with The Force Awakens. Hopefully, I’ll get to see it soon, and what little I’ve heard (I’m trying to avoid spoilers) indicates the start o a great new trilogy.

In other news, Baymax is back at Walt Disney World. You can find him over at Epcot doing meet and greets. This time, however, Hiro stayed at home. I know a bunch of people will be glad to see Baymax back. Be sure to give him a fist bump if you stop by!

Also starting up last week, Hollywood Studios started off a new nighttime fireworks spectacular, Symphony In The Stars: A Galactic Spectacular. It features music from The Force Awakens, and occurs nightly barring cancellation (i.e. Due to weather). It’s visible all over the park and works with items with the Made with Magic tech like the Glow With The Show Ears. Also available is a special dessert party that can be reserved provided a special viewing area.

Reminder, after January 3, The Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights will be over. If you’ve never seen them or were wanting to catch them one last time, the clock is ticking. As it stands they will not be returning, though many are hoping they will return after the Hollywood Studios expansion is complete or that perhaps Disney will move them elsewhere. I do hope they will be back, they are amazing.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the big news of the last few days. Disney along with SeaWorld and several other parks, implemented new security measures last Thursday. Disney now has metal detectors at the various park entrances along with handheld wands for cast members to perform a more precise scan. Between recent terror attacks around the world and just a few weeks ao the guy trying to sneak a gun into Magic Kingdom, these are welcome additions in my opinion. However, there is a catch that I believe needs addressed. Currently the detectors are used by randomly selected guests, not everyone. I believe this will create backlash and accusations of profiling regardless as to how random the selections truly are. Ideally enough detectors should be installed to allow everyone to use the smoothly as the proceed thru the line towards the entrance MagicBand readers.

Personally, I’d arrange it so bag check filtered out into a set and no bag route went thru a check that filtered you to the ticket stations. If it set off you could be moved over for a wand scan, etc. Keep in mind, the security you could see before as well as the plainclothes security are still there, along its all the cameras plus they are increasing the number of security out there. This is both officers and dogs.

Also in the midst of this, Disney announced no costumes for guests over 13…not even at the Halloween Party. This particular change has upset many, as dressing up for the party has been the loophole in the rule for dressing up as a character. Also no toy guns (weapons) are allowed in the parks now. Nor are they available for sale inside the parks.

What do you think? Are these new security measures a good move? Is there more they could add to it? Will you miss being able to deck out for the Halloween Party? Let me know here, on Facebook, or Twitter.