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Tiered Ticket Pricing and More

Every year for the last several years, Disney has had a price increase. One of the things that has popped up in the speculation for the last few years was whether the increase would incorporate a tiered price level similar to how the tier resort rooms. Well this year, the mouse has jumped tickets into the tiered bandwagon. Starting yesterday February 28, one day tickets are broken into the tiers: peak, value, and regular. Each month will be split among days having each type, with the amount of each being determined by the expected traffic. IE: Expect say July to have more Peak days than say September. The prices are $97, $102, and $114 respectively for Epcot, Hollyood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom still runs higher at $105, $110, and $124. Note: when I say each type means it may have a type or it may not. The aforementioned July has 0 value days allocated. You also now have to select what day you’ll be going to purchase a one-day ticket. Tickets also have expiration date currently of December 31, 2017. The catch is your ticket is valid for that “season” or any tier below it. So if your plans change from say regular to a peak day, you’ll have to upgrade your ticket to get in. Note: If you use a higher tier for a lower tier day you do not get a refund of the difference. Anyone that has already bought their ticket for an upcoming trip can still use those ticket(s).


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Tip Day Thursday – All About Tickets and Annual Passes

Well this was supposed to be a simple Tip Day post, however, over the weekend Disney made so major changes to the Annual Passes for Disneyland and Disney World. So I’m going to go ahead and postt this a few days early and first up we’ll discuss the Annual Passes, then we’ll move over to discussing the regular tickets then we’ll hop over to the other side of the country and cover those Passes and tickets. A quick note Disney also updated the price and participating restaurants in the Tables in Wonderland program, so we’ll cover that as well, along with the rumors bouncing about for moving regular tickets to tiered pricing. Another note, Disney World parking went up to $20 a day. It’s a lot of information so feel free to use the links below to jump to specific sections.


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Variable Pricing?

A new survey has caused quite a stir over the last few days by presenting guests with a hypothetical pricing approach. Paying more or less depending on the day you visit. For example, survey taking said a graphic displayed Magic Kingdom prices of $125 for Winter and July, along with tiers for $115 and the current one-day $105. To note, Disney does surveys of various topics all the time over guest experience or thoughts on future possible changes. Sometimes they actually happen (or variations of them), sometimes they don’t. Disney does use tiered pricing for hard ticket events and resort rates, so it’s not completely out of the question. Currently there is no confirmed change in pricing and traditionally prices only change once a year. So if they do implement something like this, it will likely be early next year before it goes in effect.

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