Month: November 2015

Week Before Thanksgiving News Update

Tuesday afternoon led for some major excitement at All Star Movies Resort. Callers called in a bomb threat for the front desk of the resort prompting the Lobby to be evacuated and the resort to be put on lockdown. Osceola County Sherrifs and Disney Security swept the area but found nothing and sounded the all clear about an hour later. Reportedly a call came thru that sounded like a couple of teenage boys calling in to claim that Goofy had molested there son. When the Cast Member asked for their names to start getting information they reported said there was a bomb at the front desk and hung up. The Cast Member reports she heard them giggle as they disconnected. Regardless of it sounding like a prank The Sherrifs and Disney Security took the matter seriously and checked it out. Likely they are working to track down the suspects.

Yesterday a monorail being towed had a mechanical malfuntion and crashed into the Monorail Tow Vehicle. This shutdown Monorail traffic to Magic Kingdom as it was on the Express Beam. The crash occurred near the Contemporary resort. No one was hurt.


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Attraction Spotlight – Toy Story Midway Mania

Probably the most popular attraction over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Midway Mania is a family friendly good time. Opening first at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 31, 2008, and few weeks later at Disney’s California adventure on June 17, 2008, and then over at Tokyo DisneySea on July 9,2012. The gist of the attraction is that Andy has recieved a bunch of carnival style games and once he goes off the toys have gotten them out to play. The idea is to use your cars cannons to shoot the targets and try to get the high score for your half of the vehicle as you run thru the 5 mini-games. The attraction also keeps up with the hourly and daily high scores.


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Animal Kingdom News – Pandora – World of AVATAR Update

As work continues over at Animal Kingdom for Pandora – The World of AVATAR (aka Avatarland as it’s been dubbed) Disney has released some information about one of it’s new attractions for the area. A family-friendly canoe ride attraction set on sacred river lit up by Pandora’s bio-luminecent plants. Guests will travel down the river seeing all sorts of plants and native wildlife to Pandora, eventually encoutering a Na’vi Shaman, who will send out positive enery into the jungle with her music. It will be called Na’vi River Journey, and is slated to open with the new land in 2017.


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