Month: July 2015

Attraction Spotlight – Mission Space

Mission Space, as simulator attraction in Epcot where Horizons used to sit, that lets you participate in a training mission to goto Mars. Mission Space has two variations: Green Team and Orange Team. Orange Team is the more intense version utilizing a centrifuge to simulate geforces. There are a total of four simulator groups with each “team” getting two. Originally all of them ran the centrifuge, however, in 2006 Disney added the tamer Green Team variation to accomidate those not wanting to feel the geforces or at least not to that extent. The pavillion is sponsered by HP, who took over sponsership when they merged with Compaq in 2002.


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Marvel To Release New TV Shows To Netflix

Marvel announced they will be releasing new shows on Netflix every six months with the cycle starting this past April with Daredevil. Next up before the end of the year will be Jessica Jones, followed by Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Once all four are up and going they will be pulled into another show, Defenders. As we’ve seen with Daredevil, the TV side is liable to be a lot darker than the movie side has been. Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter from Don’t Tell the B In Apartment 23, will be the first big character role with super powers as a Marvel Studios project. Agent Carter and Black Widow don’t have super powers and Captain Marvel wont be out till 2018.


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Tip Day Thursday – FastPass and FastPass+

FastPass and FastPass+, two services provided for free by Disney to help you have a great time in the parks. FastPass+ is the newer of the two and has only been running even in testing for a few years. It’s only available at the momment at the Walt Disney World Resort and is part of the big MyMagic+ project. Originally, though, Walt Disney World also used the FastPass system. There are many that wouldv love to revert back, however, the odds of that occurring are slim given the sheer amount of money put into it. The general gist of both system is wait virtually in line for an attraction til a given time when you actually enter the line, though with a much shorter wait.


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