Month: December 2013

Disney Animated: iPad App of the Year

Disney Animated has gotten a nod from Apple as the iPad  App of the Year.  The $9.99  had to stand out with around 100,000 apps launching this year.  The app does this by giving access to interviews, visuals, text, art, music,...

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Frozen Blu-Ray/DVD Pre-Orders

Frozen pre-orders for Blu-Ray and DVD are now up from Wal-Mart and Amazon with a projected release of March 18. 2014.  Wal-Mart has two versions: a collector’s edition that has Blu-Ray/DVD/3-D Blu-Ray/Digital HD/Plus Music...

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Marvel’s Ant-Man

Marvels Ant-Man, set to hit the big screen July 31, 2015, has signed Paul Rudd (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Anchorman, Anchorman 2) to play Henry Pym, the Avenger known as Ant-Man.   The film will be directed by Edgar Wright...

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