Where’s My Water 2 Released

Where's My Water 2

The gators are back, Swampy, Allie, and Cranky in their quest for water  The App is free and is already out on iOS and Windows Phone.  The Android version is coming soon to Google Play and the Amazon App Store.  Based on the 2011 smash hit Where’s My Water, the series has already had to spin-offs : Where’s My Perry and Where’s My Mickey.  The game is a physics puzzler which the objective is to get the water from point A to point B by digging thru dirt, moving purple water out of the way, opening gates with water, etc.  It has 100+ levels including a new type dubbed “Mystery Duck” that play fairly like the other games though the map structure is set up to look more like Candy Crush Saga’s journey than a book or set of stage blocks.  Beating a level is supposed to unlock challenges for that level to allow replay with a different twist.  The game does have in-app purchases that let players unlock stuff and a built in hint system for puzzles that are giving you problems.

Some users are reporting it is massively draining batteries, however, so you may want to wait for a patch to release to address it.  Other players are having mixed feeling about the built-in Facebook support (as in it will gleefully post game activity for you if you let it).   Overall though I expect the game to end up being hugely popular as the rest of the franchise has been.

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