Week Before Thanksgiving News Update

Tuesday afternoon led for some major excitement at All Star Movies Resort. Callers called in a bomb threat for the front desk of the resort prompting the Lobby to be evacuated and the resort to be put on lockdown. Osceola County Sherrifs and Disney Security swept the area but found nothing and sounded the all clear about an hour later. Reportedly a call came thru that sounded like a couple of teenage boys calling in to claim that Goofy had molested there son. When the Cast Member asked for their names to start getting information they reported said there was a bomb at the front desk and hung up. The Cast Member reports she heard them giggle as they disconnected. Regardless of it sounding like a prank The Sherrifs and Disney Security took the matter seriously and checked it out. Likely they are working to track down the suspects.

Yesterday a monorail being towed had a mechanical malfuntion and crashed into the Monorail Tow Vehicle. This shutdown Monorail traffic to Magic Kingdom as it was on the Express Beam. The crash occurred near the Contemporary resort. No one was hurt.

Colortopia (Colortopia Coming to Epcot | Stitch's Home) has opened in Epcot Innoventions.

Disney announced that Captain Eo will be leaving Epcot on December 6. Replacing the long running show will be Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival, a new 4D experience providing a look inside the minds of some of the folks behind some of the worlds most iconic animated films. After that gests will step on into the theater, put on their 3D glasses for three animated shorts. No word as to which shorts will be used, but expect it to be a 4D experience including effects in the theater beyond the 3D image on the screen.

In Star Wars news, Disney has confirmed that there will not be any more Star Wars Weekends, part of this decision is due to the vast aeas closing t make way for Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, the other part is the feeling that once Str Wars Land is open, guests can experience the wonder of Star Wars all year long. As you might guess, this has crated quite a stir amongst the community. Many people had already scheduled trips for 2016 based on the fact that Star Wars Weekends have occurred every year for over a decade. I honestly ould not be surprised if favorites were brought into a recurring Seasons of the Force down the road.

Speaking of Seasons of the Force, The Launch Bay will open December 1 at Hollywood Studios and will feature props from the Force Awakens as well as behind the scenes look, photo ops with Vader and Chewbacca, and special merchandise. Also coming will be new scene(s) to Star Tours: The Adventure Continues from The Fore Awakens. Also coming i an in-park film dubbed Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, which will chronicle the entire Star Wars Saga. And lastly the Jedi Academy, will re-open as Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. This will be geared towards Star Wars: Rebels and the rumor is will have padawans facing off to a new villian instead of Vader.




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