WDW Quick Service Locations to Start Offering a Special Diet Menu Print-Out

Guests with food allergies and/or food intolerance will soon be able to look at a special printed out menu across the parks at Walt Disney World.  Previously what was available was only a folder containing the ingredient list of each option sectioned off by allergy.  This should still be available as well but this lets you get some idea what you might be wanting to look for to verify the ingredients haven’t changed or will be okay.

For those of you that haven’t run thru this process or seen someone run thru it, here’s how special diets get handled.  You hop in line with everyone else and when it’s your turn you tell the cast member you have an allergy.  They then call for a manager (or sometimes a chef) who comes over with or retrieves the folder sectioned off by common allergies with the products that are available and the current ingredient list by each product.  You review that with them and make your selection.  The manager directly enters in the order and flags or tells the cast member at the register what to enter and then heads back to the kitchen to fix your meal in separate section.  They return a few minutes later with your food.  While all this is happening other guests are waiting, though sometimes they’ll run a few more thru while you talk with the manager.  Disney is by far one of the best places on the planet to go eat if you have special dietary needs, however, it’s not uncommon that others in your group will be about done eating when you bring your food over since it was made on it’s own.

So what this will do is let you have an idea when you start that process and let you get the order in a bit faster, especially if you’ve already been to a few quick service spots and know that say the cheeseburger with a gluten free bun is safe.

Currently only select locations will have this as it is rolled out.  Sarah over at the Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at WDW blog found that Columbia House is part of the initial roll out and copied down what’s on the menu there.

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Some great resources for guests with special diets:



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