Unleash The Villains…The Chaos of Getting In…The Aftermath

Well the villains were unleashed, the party completed, the fireworks launched, and all called it a night.  When all was said and done this seems to be an event that had great ideas but horrible organization and implementation.  So where did things go wrong? Planning!  Based on everything reported it would seem the amount of people to descend on Hollywood Studios was vastly underestimated.  Overall those that made it in did have fun.  Hades and Meg were a hit, the Firework show was great, you had lots of villains you never or rarely can interact with there.  The problem inside was said villains were poorly organized and with the amount of people there the lines were massive.  Don’t get me wrong if I’m going to a party the bulk of my time is spent interacting with characters, I’ll hit the rides during the day, but who wants to sit in one line for half of the party?  Especially in cases you spent nearly the other half to get in the gate.  Other thoughts by some was the music could have been a lot better, granted everyone has different tastes so by contrast I’m sure some absolutely loved it.

Next we move on to the major problem of the evening…actually getting into the park.  This was not a separate ticket event so: A) those inside the park were not booted out, B) Anyone coming in could get in.  What ensued was a mass exodus across the Walt Disney Resort by car, bus, or boat to get in to an already somewhat filled parking lot.  If you’ll recall Hollywood Studios does not have the many entry gates for vehicles to get parking pass or show pass to drive on like Magic Kingdom so there is one bottle neck.  Buena Vista Drive also has less lanes and more intersections to slow things down.  What ended up happening is the cars piled up hunting for a space, the buses piled up in the midst of them just trying to get past the gate to get in to their lanes to drop off resort guests while the parking lot reached capacity around 8:30 PM.  The later forced parking to be moved to an Epcot overflow lot for them to bus in (weren’t those folks just thrilled?).  Many found a 10 minute drive taking an hour or more.  It was not uncommon to hear people say they’d been on the bus or car  1 and half to 3 hours.

Then there are reports that to begin with which would be near normal days closing time hardly anyone was their to check bags so that backed up.  Overall many spent hours just getting in, some said forget and left to do other things…well once they could get out of traffic.

Oh and for more fun to those that went thru all the waiting and made it in…all special merchandise sold out about 10 AM.

Overall the crowd levels were similar to Star Wars Weekends with people packed like sardines, to the point there were several that said they were in but left because of the cords to go do something else.  The Dis is posting pics from the party if you want to see the crowds and some of the events.

If Disney does this again they need to plan and prepare better for the amount of people that will show up.  Perhaps make it multiple days, perhaps make it a separate ticket event, etc.   Either way hopefully Disney learns from this and all future events will be better planned.  Remember….plan….plan…and did I mention plan?



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