Tip Day Thursday – Disney’s Magical Express

Flying into Walt Disney World and wondering how to get from Orlando International Aiport (MCO) to the land of the Mouse? Disney's Magical Express operated by MEARS has you covered and it's free. Sitting at the ground level on the B side of the of the airport past the rental car agencies is Disney's Magical Express, which takes a large chunk of the level. One thing to note whether you arrive from B terminal or A terminal, you will need to goto B side to board Magical Express to your resort. The bus will take you from the airport to your Disney Resort, however, you may have to wait a stop or two as it's not uncommon for them to fill up a bus and cover 3 resorts with it. You can call 407-939-1936 to make a rservation with Magical Express or you can add it when booking online or ask your Travel Agent to do it.

Speaking of resorts, the following is a list of participating resorts:

When you arrive at the Magical express check in you merely need to scan your MagicBand or show them your boarding pass they mailed to you. They will then point you to the correct line to get you to your bus. What about my luggage you may be asking. Well if you marked that you wanted to use Magical Express before your trip you should have recieved baggage tags. With those on there you were done with it once you checked it in when you boarded your flight. Cast Members will go retrieve the luggage and route it to you resort (upto 3 hours later) where it will be brought to your room. In busier times things can happen and it might take longer. One time mine didn't show up till the next morning, so be sure your carry on has the essentials. You can go retrieve your luggage and haul it down to the bus with yo where it will be loaded and ride to the resort with you. If you arrive before 5 AM or after 10PM you will have to do this as they don't offer the luggage pickup during those hours.

If you did not provide Disney with your flight info or did not provide the flight info 14 days out or more, you can still use Magical Express, you'll just have to retrieve your luggage and go down to their Desk and talk to them. It might take a little longer since you and your party weren't in the planning for tyhe day's schedule, but they'll get you there. On average it takes 15-30 minutes to get on a bus and then around 40-45 to get to your resort.

The day before you are scheduled to leave, you will find a pack from Disney's Magical Express on the door containing your boarding pass for the bus with the pickup time. The pickup time is typically 3 hours before your flight in the states and 4 hours before an international flight. In my experience, that gives you enough time to get thru security, ride the tram over and chill out a bit or snack before your flight starts boarding (usually about 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time). MCO has sevetal places to eat before and after security as well as lots of shops including 2 EarPorts, or Disney Stores for last minute gifts, etc.

As far as get your boarding pass for the plane, you can do that at your Resort. Typically near the lobby entrance will be a desk to run thru the airline check in and check your baggage. Just head over first thing of the morning and they'll get you squared away, including getting the checked luggage on out to the airport. When you get to the airport, especially if you did this bright an early and have a later flight, check the departure board to make sure MCO did not change the departure gate on you. You will also want to verify any connecting flight gates when you arrive at the connecting airport. Things happen and gates get juggled, it's a ton easier to check when you get there than haul butt to the gate to find out you might hav to sprint back down the terminal for a gate on the other end.

MCO has two terminals, A and B. Magical Express will drop you on both sides of the main building to let you enter the airport closer to your set of gates, or well the security points taking you to the respective tram for that set of gates for that terminal. This is divided up by airlines and usually which ever side your plane landed at is where your return flight will depart from if you are flying the same airline.




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