The Muppets On ABC

Okay a few things one, I love the Muppets. I've been so happy to see them make a comeback in the last few years. I grew up with Muppet Babies being one of my staple cartoons as a kid. I'm thrilled they will be on TV every week (well more or less minus every TV show's holiday breaks, etc). In fact the show kicks off in just a few weeks on September 22, at 8 PM. Honestly I'm more interested in watching it than I am Marvel's Agents of Shield this year. But I have a gripe. Last month, they announced Kermit an Piggy breaking up and I was like “huh?” But now they are intruducing a new girlfriend, a younger pig muppet??!? Say it ain't so, they aren't seriously going to have Kermit The Frog, the Muppets Mickey Mouse, look like he ditched Miss Piggy for someone younger?!? I'm seriously hoping it's just one of their wacky jokes, or an extremely short-lived story and not going to turn into one of the main recurring plots. Come On Disney…let's hear the Wocka Wocka and drop this idea. Just my two cents, though I'd love to hear your opinion.




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