Sorcerer Mickey to Land in Disney Infinity

Sorcerer Mickey

If you’ve kept up with the game you probably knew Mickey was coming…well ok let’s be completely honest if you had not kept up with the game you probably were assuming some sort of Mickey was either already a playable character or would be.  Anyway, right before Infinity released a limited number of Sorcerer Mickey’s were sent out at the D23 Expo.  Attendees had access to these, but everyone else was told they’d have to wait till next year (2014).  Shortly after some of those attendees placed Mickey in the wild on Ebay and they were selling for about $100 a piece.  Many, like myself, decided while we’d love to have Mickey sooner rather than later that was out of our price range.  Then a few months back Mickey resurfaced being included exclusively for early release to Amazon as part of a huge Infinity bundle.  This bundle contained most of the figures and sold for $199 (here) and was great for latecomers to the Infinity game to get an early release and several extra figures all in one buy.  Not so great for those of us that had several of them already, so the wait continued.  Well in a couple of days the wait is over.  On February 9, Sorcerer Mickey officially releases.  He will only work in the Toy Box, however, there are several videos out on some of the fun stuff you can get into with him.

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