Shop Disney Parks App

Recently Disney launched a brand new app on iOS and Android called Shop Disney Parks. You are liable to be thinking, wait don't they already have a shoppping app? Yes they do for the Disney Store, which does have a section for park items, just not the entire selection. And yes you can usually call disney up and order something over the phone if they have it and you know what it is. This new app however gives you what's in the parks, where it's at in the parks, and lets you shop the entire selection either at the Parks or from the comfort of your own home right on your smartphone or tablet.

One of the coolest thhings you have been able to do for years shopping at the parks is ship to resort (if you're staying on property) or ship to home. The downside is you have to take time out from doing things in the park to run thru the checkout line and fill out the forms they need to ship it. This app eliminates that. Walk up to an item, scan it with the built in barcode scanner, and either to your bag (shopping cart) or order it. Right thn and there. A few taps, and it will be bought and sstart the process of being prepped to be on the way to your home before you're even out of the gift shop.

Another great thing this app does is help with a big proble almost everyone has run into at some point. I've seen product xyz online and thought it was amazing, but where can I find it? You know how it goes, some items are available in several gift shops like the current year dated shirts, and some things are only located in one or two shops (say Stitch shirts). This app will let you search for an item and them put it on a map for the Walt Disney World Resort telling you where you can get it.

A few caveats: 1. Not all items you can look for can be purchased via the app, some are in-store only. 2. Not all items have a show on map option. For the first, some of those make some sense as some things are limited edition. The sencond one disappointed me. I saw that happen a few times from regular shirts to Helly Hansen Jackets that are in Norway at Epcot. Hopefully, they will add that to all items eventually, regardless of whether it is in store only or not. Disney is adding more items to it weekly, and has thousands of items already in the apps system.

The last major thing this app provides is it ties into My Disney Experience and grabs any Passholder or DVC Discounts for you. Which makes me wonder when they w2ill use the same concept in the store when you buy with a MagicBand, after all, they have the data already.




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