What started as a hot rumor yesterday afternoon and this morning turned out to be correct. Starting Tuesday, June 30 (July 1 overseas), selfie sticks will be screened at bag check. Guests with selfie sticks will have to take them back to their room, car, or leave them at Guest Relations till they are ready to leave the park. This is for all Disney theme parks, both in the US and abroad, including DisneyQuest and the water parks.

Initially they fell simply under the defined guidelines for personel possessions a guest could have with them in the park as long as they were stored on attractions like all other possessions. However, they have been an increasing problem with guests trying to use them on attractions regardless, most recently earlier this week on California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure forcing the ride into a shutdown and an evacuation off the ride. Beyond that in the parks themselves while allowed, many guests were getting annoyed at an increasing sea of selfie sticks during parades and shows blocking their own view of the events.




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