Pixar Delaying 2 Upcoming Films

The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory have been pushed back.  The Good Dinosaur is moving from 5/30/14 to 11/25/15, while Finding Dory is bumped from 11/25/15 to 6/17/16.  2014 will mark the first year since 2005 that Pixar has not had a film release.  To fill the slot opened up in 2014 Disney is moving up the Maleficent to 5/30/14.  Pixar’s next theater release is slated to now be Inside Out, slated for 6/19/15.  Pixar states they wanted more time for The Good Dinosaur, also last month Pixar  announce. then director of The Good Dinosaur. Bob Peterson would no longer be working on it.  No replacement has been announced.  Finding Dory writer Andrew Stanton say it would be too much of a strain on the studio to work on both movies at the same time.

The Good DinosaurFinding Dory Inside OutMaleficent

The Good Dinosaur is a classic “what if?” story.  What if the dinosaurs were never wiped out?  The movie focuses on an Aptosaurus named Arlo who befriends a young Human named Spot.  Finding Dory is the follow-up film to the smash hit Finding Nemo.  Thus far little is known about this one except it focuses on Dory and her being reunited with her family.  Introduced at the D23 Expo, Inside Out, focuses on a young girl named Riley who gets uprooted to a new city and her emotions which take over to try to get her adjusted to her new home and find new friends.

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