PhotoPass Changes

The last few years have seen several changes to the PhotoPass service, most notably tying it into to My Disney Experience and MyMagic+. Theme Park Tourist is reporting on some new changes to the service. Three of them should be quite popular, though the fourth might cause some griping.

  1. Physical Prints and Digital Downloads are no longer seperate purchases. Buy the porint, get the download. This has been a pain point for a long time and its great to see Disney change the policy for this.
  2. An edit no longer counts as an entirely new picture to buy.
  3. My Disney Experience app now gives PhotoPass locations around the parks by picking the new PhotoPass option in the menu.
  4. Now lets talk about the change that's liable to irritate some people. Looking at Photos on the website now has a makor water mark on it, actually a repeating water mark that can make it hard to spot yourself on some attraction photos. This is to deter people from screenshoting the pic and not buying it which I can understand, but you could argue they got a little carried away here. Instead of say one watermark, they have the water mark repeat down the image 4-5 times.





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