Attraction Spotlight – Peter Pan’s Flight

One of the most popular attractions for children has to be Peter Pan's Flight. Originally built in 1955 for opening day at Disneyland, you can now find Peter Pan's Flight at the Magic Kingdom (October 1, 1971), Disneyland Paris (April 12, 1992), Tokyo Disneyland (April 15, 1983), and Soon at Shanghai Disneyland when it opens in 2016. It is a suspended dark ride type attraction lasting two and half minutes to three minutes depending on which version you are on. The original idea for Disneyland was that you'd be flying thru from Peter Pan's perspective. However, many guests didn't get that from the attraction and were left wondering where Peter was. In 1971, a version opened at the Magic Kingdom expanding on the original and adding in audio-animatronics, though it kept with the theme and format of it's Pacific Coast counterpart. In 1983, The Disneyland version got an overhaul during it's Fantasyland refurb and added in an audio-animatronic of Peter into the ride.

Boarding your suspended galleon, you enter into the story of Peter Pan flying thru the nursary, over London, and off to Neverland. In Neverland, you'll fly by the Indian village, Mermaid Lagoon, the Jolly Roger, and Skull Rock seeing some familiar faces: Tiger Lily, Captain Hook, Smee, Wendy, Peter, and of course everyone's favorite crocidile.

In general the ride itself is constant moving attraction akin to The Haunted Mansion or Jouney Into The Imagination with galleons constantly returning and departing. Even so, this attraction stays quite busy and is on the Disney FastPass system at Disneyland Paris and FastPass+ at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It is not on the FastPass system in it's original home in Anahiem or over in Tokyo. At the Magic Kingdom it is not uncommon for wait times to be over an hour in the Stand-By line and FastPass+ spots tend to fill up fast.


  • Riders: 3-4 (depending on version)
  • Assistive Listening available
  • No Height Requirements
  • Slow Moving, Small drops

Fun Facts:

  • As mentioned earlier, the original idea was the guest was Peter flying thru the story.
  • Can't get a FastPass/FastPass+ and don't want to wait around for an hour to ride? Go to it early in the morning. While it is a constant loader like Haunted Mansion, it moves much slower which backs up the line. Once it's backed up, it's typically going to stay that way till near the end of the day.
  • Is it just me, or does one of the mermaids look an aweful lot like Ariel?




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