MyMagic+ Testing: All-Star Resorts to Join Pop Century for MagicBand Only Test


Next up for MyMagic+ Testing and Rollout, All-Star Resorts are joining Pop Century in pushing MagicBand/RFID Key To The World Cards only.  This means All-Star Guests will lose access to paper FastPass.  They are, however, rolling them out over 3 dates: Sports on 12/2, Music on 12/4 and Movies on 12/6.  Guests will be able to use FastPass+ system to avoid some standby lines.  Note as the rollout continues the number of paper FastPasses are decreasing either way.  That said Kenny The Pirate has shown success in finding some holes in the system, at least till Disney IT fixes them.  I wont provide direct links to those since some have gotten upset over him posting them, but they are on his blog for all to see last time I looked.

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