Disney PhotoPass has integrated itself more with the rest of the Disney website, specifically My Disney Experience.  Starting today guests that are at the world can login thru the new site, to view their photos.  The new site ties in with your Disney Account and will not work with their previous sites login.

This should tie in with the PhotoPass link that has been floating around My Disney Experience and provides a more seamless integration.  If your stay was before September 4 you will have to go back to the old site to access your photos.





  1. YOU KEEP SENDING THESE MESSAGES AND FAIL TO FOLLOW THROUGH THIS IS A BIG SCAM AND YOU HAVE STOLEN $170 FROM US AND WE CANT ACCESS OUR ACCOUNT This is an absolute nightmare I spent four hours in one night setting up all my photos additions and deletions putting borders AFTER SPENDING SEVERAL DAYS MAKING CALLS AND BEING KEPT ON HOLD FOR 45 MINUTES AT A TIME BECAUSE THE MAGIC SHOTS WERE REMOVED FROM OUR ACCOUNT And SO AFTER I spent four hours in one night setting up all my photos additions and deletions putting borders/ creating projects now I can’t access my account second time in 30 days you guys have switch sites An absolute nightmare I am fed up with Disney my life does not revolve around trying to access your site and try to view photos that I paid $170 for
    This is a big scam so Disney can steal from us ALL I get is connection timed out and server hang up I have four days left to access my account and finalize my purchases and you guys are making it impossible I demand that you fix this and forward my projects to me free of charge Or give me an extension free of charge you correct this and you send me links so I can access my Account and then write Disney off for life WHAT A NIGHTMARE

    EDIT: Stitch’s Home is not part of the Walt Disney Company….we are simply a fan based news and information site. We didn’t take anything from you.

  2. Sorry to hear you have had major problems, I can tell you have heard others in the last few weeks having similar problems or having problems finding photopass photographers in the parks to begin with. So far all I’ve heard is that they are supposedly working to roll out an upgrade of some sort in the next few weeks. If it was me I’d probably complain to Guest Relations.

    Disney Complaints and Comments:
    Walt Disney World Guest Communications
    P.O. Box 10,040
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

    Disney Guest Relations – 407-824-4321

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