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My Disney Experience is main hub for almost everything about your Disney vacation and part of the billion dollar MyMagic+ project. Accessable from both the web and mobile apps (iOS and Android), My Disney Experience allows you to view your reservation, set FastPass+ times, view and make dinner reservations and more. It’s highly recommended that if your phone supports it, that you get the app (it will also run on tablets). This lets you quickly view or make dinner/FastPass+ reservations on the go as well as gets you park maps, wait times, descriptions, and more. If you don’t have the app, that’s ok, you can still make these changes at Guest Relations and various points around the parks as well as Downtown Disney. The main function of the apps and webpage is dealing with reservations, tickets/MagcBands, and FastPass+, however, The app adds maps, wait times, and a couple of other features while the webpage adds access to PhotoPass pictures and for Passholders, a quick link to their page.

To start we’ll deal with the webpage and then discuss the apps. From the main DisneyWorld page you will find My Disney Experience in the upper right corner. Clicking it brings up the menu below.


Starting off with the Plan and Manage section, you’ll find the links that primarily deal with your FastPass+, Dining, and Resort reservations. The My Itinerary link is basically a calendar of events you have set up.

Aside from automatically adding FastPass+, check in times, etc to it, you can also set up custom events. You can also use links from the Itineray to add a dining reservation or a FastPass+. In FastPass+ case you can change it from there as well. Speaking of adding or changing, there are easy to follow wizards to walk you thru each step whenever you make a change in My Disney Experience. If you have like the above photo showing your resort reservation, clicking view details brings up the pop up below.

This gets you a quick look at your reservation, and also lets you cancel or modify it as needed. The change screen is shown below. You can also call Disney and make changes to the resort reservation over the phone.
Moving on to the My Reservation and Tickets link brings up a page showing resort, dining,tickets, FastPass+, Memory Maker information. You can see the screen in the below pictures. From here you can link any reservation/confrmation number for these that has not automatically been added. You also get a summary info from those already linked.
Heading on down to the FastPass+ link you’ll get a page with three links to wizards to add, modify, or cancel FastPass+ selections. In these wizards you can make selections for yourself, your entire party (linked via friends and family), or part of your party. Do note these selections are read from your ticket/MagicBand which you will need to scan into the reader at the attraction, but we’ll delve into details, tiers, etc another day.
Right above the Plan and Manage you’ll see Notifications and if you have any you’ll see a number beside it. This link takes you to a pop up that tells you when MagicBands have shipped, if something happened to change a FastPass+ selection, etc. If you’re wondering, why the picture shows to MagicBand ship notices, that’s just because I hadn’t bothered to clear the notifications after the last couple of trips. Hit the little X beside them to remove and acknowledge them.

Moving along to the My Account section you’ll see options for dealing with your tickets and MagicBands, your profile, firends and family, etc. Starting off with My Profile, you can see it holds some of the information the other links will take you too as well as stuff about your Disney Account, contact information, and more. This area is the hub for setting up your party and assigning them their tickets/MagicBands

Going to My Friends and Family List, take you to where you can set up your party. From here you can also send e-mails to them and connect so they can plan and see plans as well. You can also allow photo sharing of each other’s PhotoPass pics.

The My MagicBands and Cards section lets you view assigned MagicBands and Cards, assign them, activate, and deactivate them. Note, you can have more than one active at the same time for the same person without it causing problems. Clicking the Link button will get you to the wizards to add a MagicBand or Card. Clicking the Get Started in Your Orders section will bring up a menu for you to customize your MagicBands.
When you go to customize your MagicBands, which even if you go several times they will always send you new ones, you first confirm your shipping address.
From there it will bring up a screen showing you your resort information, shipping addres, guests assigned to the reservation and how many days before they ship the MagicBands as is. If you do nothing you’ll get gray ones with the given first name in the Friends and Family section sent to the shipping address given with the reservation. UPDATE: You can now decline the MagicBand individually. They are supposed to last two years, so now you can reuse them without an ever growing pile of bands.

If you go to Customize, you can set what name it puts on the back and pick a color.

Heading down to the Photography lets you go link PhotoPass cards, Annual Pass, MagicBands, or Memory Maker as well as see photos taken and scanned with those for download or purchase. You can also go buy Memory Maker before your trip and save some money. Though I’d recommend doing the math and make sure you are wanting to get more photos that individually would run you more than Memory Maker costs. Memory Maker lets you download all PhotoPsass photos, the dinner PhotoPass Photos, and attraction PhotoPass photos.

Switching over to the app, you’ll find access to some of the same things and some other things that can be handy in the parks. The problem with the app, however, is some areas still have a hard time getting a wi-fi or cell signal and without those it doesn’t work. They are supposed to be working on upgrading the cell towers and I imagine the wi-fi as well.

As you can see in the picture above and the ones below, you can check your reservations, work with your FastPass+ selections, see the park hours, check attraction wait times, see what characters are out and when, and buy tickets. Everything is laid out in your typical app style menus. The maps are zoomable and show your current location, if you’ve allowed GPS access. It’s a great little app that in general works better than Disney’s website, which in my experience can often be plagged with weird glitches and style errors.


Next Week we will take a look at the Disney Dining Plan and it’s assorted options.










































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