Mulch, Sweat, and Shears Leaving Hollywood Studios

In further sad news coming out of Hollywood Studios today, the much beloved Mulch, Sweat and Shears band from the Streets of America has confirmed there final show will be on October 10. This will be two days after their 11th anniversry playing at the park. The band rides out in a hug elandscaping truck playing music from all genres and typically performs during the hard ticket parties at Hollywood Studios. Hopefully they will be able to have similar post-Disny success that Off Kilter has found playing up at Cedar Point. Other than possibly coinciding wth a contract renewal no word has been given as to why October. With the Osborne Family Lights running til te first of nxt year, Disney will not be closing the Streets of America yet to start up construction on Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land. Given the massive undertaking that is coming and so many closures happening, I do wonder what else is slated for the chopping block. Sadly the hits seem to keep coming and it will be a few years before we reap the real benefit of the new additions.




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