Man Arrested Outside Magic Kingdom

A man who should know better, Andrew Gerson, was arrested outside of the Magic Kingdom last week. Gerson, age 36, is a lawyer who was outside of the park itself when a Cast Member at bag check noticed an odd bulge in his pants. When asked if he had something in his pants, he at first didn't respond and tried to pass it off as “anatomy.” The Cast Member, who is a woman, turned to get one of her male counterparts to talk to Mr. Gerson. When she did he tried to leave. She summoned the Orange County deputy as she was worried he was attempting to bring a gun into the park.

The deputy followed Mr. Gerson for about a 100 yards, when Mr. Gerson turned and made eye contact. He then pulled out his cell phone and tried to make a run for it. The deputy gave chase and drew his firearm ordering him to stop. At which point Mr. Gerson apparently informed the deputy he was armed and complied with order to stop.

The deputy confiscated the gun and arrested him. Disney issued a trespass against (banned him from Disney property). He was released Monday on bail. Interestingly, about a decade ago Mr. Gerson had a concealed carry permit, so even if his job as a lawyer had not touched on the rule he broke, he should have known the rule from that.

No one was hurt, and no reason has been released as to why exactly he thought this was a good idea.




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