MagicBand Update

Disney has announced more open edition MagicBands and accessories. These MagicBands are $19.95 and only available at select locations starting August 14. Featuring Steamboat Willie, Finding Nemo, Jack Skellington, Winnie the Pooh, as wel as three more geared towards Disney Parks: Epcot featuring Figment, Hollywood Studios featuring Mickey geared up as a camera man, and Animal Kingdom featuring Mickey in safari clothes. These bands can be linked later, so you can use them, collect them, or give them to someone else. Do note, like all MagicBands, the internal battery will only last so long. In general they are said to begood for a couple of years.

The new accesories are sliders based on Disney Attractions. They come in packs of three and sell for $6.95 a pack. They can be a fun way to individualize your MagicBand.

Also I'm seeing things around the net of an official purple MagicBand being spotted. Most likely it would be added to the customizable ones they give away.




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