MagicBand Unboxing

MagicBands come in a nice fancy box showing Mrs. Incredible (aka Elastigirl).  The Incredibles are the Disney SpokesFamily for the system.

MagicBand Box


Inside you’ll find your magic band in a slot.  Now in my case that only one, but I have seen images on the net showing 4 and 5 of them in a box.  If you look at the message on the bottom half you’ll see it says “Here’s the Key to maing your experience INCREDIBLE!”


MagicBand Open Box


The MagicBands are designed to be one size fits all using the 2 peg snaps to hold it together on your wrist.  Smaller wrists can ditch the extra slack by peeling the inner band away from the outer band (instructions are on the bottom of the box lid).


MagicBand Snaps

If you look at the MagicBand(s) in the box you’ll see them displaying the name you customized in My Disney Experience so you can tell which is which if you have the same colors.  Never fear, the custom name is also on the back of the band under the larger Mickey symbol.  That symbol is also the one you put against the RFID scanners.

Magic Band Up Close

And it’s now ready to go!


MagicBand Ready To Go



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