Limited Time Magic: Unleash The Villains….The Chaos of Getting In

Tonight Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) Unleashed the Villains, but first they unleashed the chaos.  There was a massive rush to try to get into the park for the event, leading to traffic jams that had buses sitting in traffic for an hour or more.  Tweets saying they drove onto Disney property around 7 PM and didn’t get into DHS til 10:20 PM.  Rumor has it but not been confirmed officially that DHS hit capacity.  Several reported that had got in the crowds were so thick they left for other parks or resorts.  Several in line aborted the attempt for other options.  Parking was being rerouted to Epcot for guest to transport over, which I’m sure thrilled those that had just gotten that close.  Some went over to MNSSHP and said the crowds were lite and had a blast, the usual crowd being stuck on the road to DHS.

unleash the villains

Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen reports, as I couldn’t make it to Orlando tonight myself, that many were having fun.  However, as one can imagine wait times to meet and greet the villains are horrendous, some taking over 3 hours.  As I write this the even is still going on with a few hours to go so I’ll update as more info comes out later and over the weekend, but it would appear this great idea was followed by a complete ball drop as to what to expect in people showing up.



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