Garden Grill Restaurant Taking Breakfast and Lunch Reservaations

The Garden Grill is now taking breakfast and lunch reservations starting for November 8. The restaurant is nestled in the Land Pavillion at Epcot and has some unique vies of the attraction Living With The Land below it. The attraction is also where a lot of the food comes from. This is also a hang out for everyone's favorite chipmunk duo Chip 'n' Dale and they have been known to cause a little mischief as they go thru. For breakfast, they Garden Grill will be serving up all-you-can eat family style feast, dubbed Chip 'n' Dale's Breakfast Harvest Feast. This will include things like bacon, gravy, eggs, mickey waffles, and Chip's Sticky Bun Bake. Lunch will feature dinner favorites in an all-can-eat style. Including the Farmer's Salad, chargrilled beef filets, and sliced turkey, with veggies straight from the Living With The Land attraction.





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