Frozen Blu-Ray/DVD Pre-Orders

frozen disc

Frozen pre-orders for Blu-Ray and DVD are now up from Wal-Mart and Amazon with a projected release of March 18. 2014.  Wal-Mart has two versions: a collector’s edition that has Blu-Ray/DVD/3-D Blu-Ray/Digital HD/Plus Music for $39.96 and the Combo Release Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD Release for $29.96.  Amazon has The DVD Version for $19.96 and the Combo Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy for $22.99.  Personally, I saw it pop up first on Amazon and went with them, but after having to wait about 3 weeks or more after release to get my Rapunzel Infinity figure from a pre-order with Wal-Mart I’d avoid that route anyway.  Besides Amazon is cheaper unless you got the 3D television to make use of the collectors edition which will probably eventually turn up elsewhere.

  1. Chip & Co
  2. Amazon (see links above)
  3. Wal-Mart (see links above)



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