Epcot to Test Further FastPass+ Restrictions


Well this test is likely to cause an uproar.  Running from November 1 to December 31, Epcot will be limiting your selections for FastPass+ to one Headliner and two lesser attractions. Headliners include: Illuminations (which is only certain nights anyway), Maelstrom, Character Spot Meet and Greet, Soarin’, and Test Track.  The other list for choosing two include:  Captain EO, Journey Into Imagination, Living With The Land, Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and Turtle Talk With Crush.

The point to cause all the fuss will likely be Soarin’ and Test Track cannot both be scheduled.  Granted they are probably the two most popular attractions in the park, however, it’s not like your pick two lesser popular attractions are that great.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy most of them myself, but seriously…whens the last time Journey Into The Imagination wasn’t basically a walk on ride?  In fact most of that list is constant or near constant loading so the lines move fairly quickly most of the year.  To me it seems there is little to really choose from off that list worth using a FastPass+ slot on.  In my recent trip I had Mission Space scheduled, got there for it and it was a walk on.  I’m sure it would be more useful in the busier and non Food and Wine Festival times of the year, but it was a wasted slot for me.  In fact the only two I did not do off that list was Spaceship Earth and Captain EO.  The later I don’t care for at all and the former I only ride every once in a while as I’d rather spend time  in World Showcase or the other pavilions.

I see this causing more problems than it will help and likely bring back the morning rush to Soarin’ and Test Track

  1. Kenny The Pirate

UPDATE: Dates extended to all of November and December



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