Disneyland Paris Problems?

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has got problems, at least 5000+ guests, who have signed a petition for Disney chief executive Bob Igor to help them, are saying.  Complaints range from canceled shows, restaurants closing hours before the park does, broken rides, and one person complains their meal at a table service appeared reheated.  One important thing to note here is that the Walt Disney Company does not completely own Disneyland Paris, only 39.8%, which means likely any move Mr. Igor would like to make will have to go thru their partners.

Disneyland Paris opened it’s gates in 1992 and quickly become a popular travel spot in Europe, providing fun show, great attractions, and a dash of pixie dust without having to cross the Atlantic.  In the last 20 years the guests say it has been neglected and is now quite literally falling apart.  According to the petition, theming is crumbling, rides are closed due to lack of maintenance and shows are often canceled including a point in the summer when no shows were running.   Approximately 16 million guests visited Disneyland Paris last year, which does beg the question while a somewhat large sounding petition, that is really a drop in the bucket to the number of guests that went thru the gates.  Is something really wrong or did these guests just have a string of bad luck?

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