Disney Playmation

Coming this October, Disney will launch it's new Playmation product line merging figures with wearable tech. This new line will range across franchises starting with the Avengers and later on into Star Wars and others. For th initial Avenger the wearable looks like one of Iron Man's repulsors, two “power activators” and two “smart figures”. In this case Captain America and the Red Skull, along with a base station. This is the Avenger starter pack, and it requires no consoles and no TV. The nutshell is you put the wearable on and J.A.R.V.I.S. provides instructions on how to get the adventure started. The base station lets you load the power activators and smart figures, basically like Disney Infinity base station, figures, and power discs do. Only instead of feeding the info into a video game, the Playmation base talks to the wearable providing “powers”, adventures, etc for the child to play inside or outside.

Have friends that also have the same wearables or other wearables, figures, and/or power activators? No problem. The wearable devices can connect allowing for cooperative or head-to-head play. The goal is to provide a toy that promotes kids running, jumping, and playing whereever. Disney also plans to release DLC to keep the adventures going all in an effort to help promote active play and less couch potatoing.

More than likely along with expanding to other franchises, we'll also see more figures and power activators released as sets similar to Disney Infinty.

Want to learn more? Head over to http://www.playmation.com and check out the official page.





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