Disney Releases Their Own IOS GIF and Keyboard App

While the ability to load your own keyboard app has been out for awhile on IOS, Disney has just released their own. Requires IOS 8.2 or higher, Disney GIF, released featuring over 200 GIFs with more on the way. Basically the app is a keyboard extension allowing you to send these GIFs, and future ones, out on text messages, emails, etc. While Disney has offering of these on other third-party keyboard extensions, this is the first Disney exclusive app. It features Frozen, Star Wars, Once Upon a Time, Scandal, and more. The catch is right now each category feels a bit limited, for instance Star Wars only has 12 items. Similar to the Disney Side app, Disney needs to pump more options into the app to make it feel complete, but if they do this will become a great resource for those that love to use Emoticons and want to use Disney ones. The app will offer in-app purchases for premium packs, currently a couple from Frozen. You can browse by Emoticon, Disney Film/Show, or what's trending. The app itself is free and available on iTunes (here).




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