Disney Dining Plan Changes Coming May 31

Some changes arre coming in the next few days to the Disney Dining Plan. Starting on May 31 guests can:

Table Service:

  1. Substitute dessert for a salad, cup of soup, or a fruit plate.
  2. No more restictions on the number of entitlements used per meal. In other words if you have the plan and meet a friend for lunch who does not have it, you can use extra credits to cover their meal. How you settle up with them is between you and them.
  3. Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum Plans will be able to sub child entitlements for adult entree options. Regular plan folks will not have this option.

Quick Service:

  1. Substitute any desert or non-alcoholic bevarage for a snack on the same transaction/purchase.
  2. No enforcement of child entitlements or in other words you can use them to buy adult meals
  3. Substitute one Quick Service Meal for upto three snack options on the same transaction/purchase at any Quick Service location or Food Court.

Snack Entitlements:

New rules requalify snacks to anything of a single serving size regardless of price. New snack items include:

  1. All single serve non-alcoholic beverages not in a collector container.
  2. All soups from Quick Service Locations.
  3. Anything that was already considered a snack is still a snack.
  4. All ice cream novelities.
  5. All hand scooped ice creams upto two scoops in a non-collector container including sundaes.
  6. Anything listed as a side at a Quick Service Location.
  7. Quick Service breakfast items that can be a side or part of an entree.
  8. Cereal with Milk, French Toast Sticks, Oatmeal/Quinoa, Grits, Side of Bacon, Side of Sausage, Side of Eggs, Side of Potatoes, Biscuits and Gravy, Hard-Boiled Eggs are all considered snacks now.

These changes are based upon guest feedback and will likely mak the already popular program more popular. Remember if you think something could be improved at Disney, it dosn't hurt to send them feedback or answer their surveys, the mouse does listen.





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