Dining Spotlight – Raglan Road

Sitting in the heart of Downtown Disney or if you prefer, Disney Springs, is Raglan Road. This is my personal favorite place to eat in all of Walt Disney World. You can often get in at lunch without having to have a reservation, though it does help. At dinner time though it is highly recommended, because they stay busy. As a side note, if you or someone in your group has special diet needs, most likely Raglan Road can accomidate you. They have multiple dedicated fryers and stations to deal with assorted allergies. This is great for me because I’m Celiac (no gluten) and allergic to dairy and soy. There is live entertainment with Irish Dancers performing about every hour and in the evening they also have live music performing on and off thru the evening. Also to note, around the side you’ll find Cooke’s of Dublin, which is a quick service Fish and Chips to go. Great for when you want some Raglan Road, but don’t have or don’t want to take the time to sit down.

As you enter you’ll see a path to some outdoor eating on your left and on your right in their gift shop. Straight ahead past the check in podium is the main dining area with the main stage on the far side and a small stage in the middle of the room. Inside the main room their are more eating areas off to the left and right. The left side is actually around the bar area with some table seating over there. The right is solely extra seating and furher back goes into an area they can seperate off for meetings. For most of my trips I’ve lucked out and been in the main room where I could enjoy the food, the music, and the dancing without having any issues seeing everything going on. Typically as I said the dancers come out about every hour and they also go to ome of the other sections that can’t see the stage. They dance to a handfull of songs and often end their set with one or two them teaching some of the kids in the audience how to dance. In the eveing usually a few minutes after the dancers depart the muscians kick off their act for about 4-5 songs, sometimes asking the dancers to come on back out and dance while they play.

And just to clarify, if you happen to think that the dancing isn’t anything special, just go see it or look up videos of them dancing on youtube. As far as I’m concerned it takes skill to move those feet that fast on and off the ground and not land on ons butt or face.

Now setting aside the entertainment, lets talk about food. It is delicious. I often go for the lamb, onion rngs, and chips. I’ve also done chicken, rings, and chips. Both are excellent, and I’ve heard wonderful things about their fish and chips as well. The lamb falls apart with just the fork, you really don’t need the knife for it. It’s tender and juicy. The chips or as most places would call them, the french fries are good, better than the ones you can get in the park. To me the onion rings are amazing, but due to my diet I have no idea what they should taste like so on those your mileage may vary. I have only heard good things from anyone I’ve talked to that’s had them. I typically get myself some coffee here which is good coffee, though I would give the best I’ve had on property to Kona Cafe. There are various alcoholic beverages available (hey it is an Irish pub) as well as fountain drinks. They also offer some desserts, though with my dietary restrictions I usually go looking for stuff from Erin Mckenna’s Backery (formerly BabyCakes NYC) that’s in the neighborhood.
To get there you can take the boats from Old Key West, Port Orleans, or Saratoga Springs. You can also take the Downtown Disney bus from any Disney Resort, or you can walk from Saratoga Springs. You can also drive over, but with the garage construction, you may have troubl finding a parking spot. Typically it is good to give yourself an hour to get there, just in case unless you are already over at Downtown Disney.

Note: Photos are from mutiple trips…yes it IS that good.









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