‘Chanting’ To Be Banned From The Parks

Orlando Passholder is reporting that an incident last week with an Argentina Tour Group on Main Street USA has prompted Disney ready to have┬áCast Members put a stop to it. The nutshell is Disney will inform the tour guides of the policy before they recieve their tickets. If the group starts ‘chanting’, cast members will tell them they must stop immediately. If they refuse to comply, security can be called to escort them out of the park. Officially Disney has not announced anything about it yet, however, a lot of people have been calling for action for years and sources are saying this is happening now in the parks with chanting groups being told to stop or be removed from attraction lines.

Currently, the list of general rules and prohibited activities from the park rules page (shown above and below) does not explicitly list it. However, Disney could just say it falls under d and/or g of the prohibited actiivties or possibly c from the general rules and enforce it under those. If nothing else, the chanting part would impede anyone from hearing any alarms or emergency signals. I imagine though, it would get a specific listing as the Selfie Sticks did a few months ago.

I realize some of you may have been lucky enough to not encountered one of these groups in your travels to Disney, and thus may be wondering what I’m talking about it. Especially during the Summer, Disney World sees lots of large tour groups come thru from South America. In general, the ones most often causing problems have been from Brazil or Argentina, but they could be from anywhere. Primarily, they arre composed of teenagers in groups of 50 or more traveling as one giant unit. They either don’t speak English or pretend to not and have a tendency to start chanting (IE just the name of the country they are from) or singing at the top of their lungs. They often takeover whatever area they are in and have been known to be rude and cause a variety of problems here and there over the years. Don’t get me wrong, large groups from all over the world come to Disney all year long and don’t bother anyone. That said, problematic groups could be from anywhere as well, just these particular location tend to get noticed a lot and have left a trail of horror stories you can quickly find online. So hopefully this will transition fairly smoothly so everyone can enjoy their time at the parks, though it will be interesting to see how it plays out the first few times as speculation to how well enforcing it will work seems to be high.

Stay tuned for updates.

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