Boy Injured at Disneyland Paris on Pirates of the Caribbean


A 5 year old boy fell out of the boat at the unload point of Pirates of the Caribbean and was hit from behind by another boat pushing him between the boat unloading belt (as in under the boat).   Other reports say he was stuck between the unloading dock and the boat.  As to why he fell out reports say he stood up when the boat stalled or leaned back causing him to lose his balance.  His father jumped out after him but was unable to prevent the accident.  Disneyland Paris emergency teams responded quickly freeing the child, who remains in critical condition.

Statement from Disneyland Paris

We are deeply saddened by the accident that took place this afternoon in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Our emergency teams were immediately on the scene to provide first aid to the 5-yaear old child. Throughout this difficult situation, our teams are accompanying the child and his family in order to offer any assistance necessary.

Safety is our utmost concern and we are working in close partnership with the authorities to understand what happened. The attraction remains closed until further notice.

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