Attraction Spotlight – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Hold on to your hats, this weeks attraction will take you 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (usually shortened to the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster) opened in Hollywood Stuios on July 29,1999, and on March 16, 2002, at Walt Disney World Studios Park over in Disneyland Paris. The Coaster is the second-fastest attraction at Walt Disney World, bested only by Test Track, and is the fastest over at Disneyland Paris. It’s currently the most extreme of the Disney coasters featuring a 4.5 G (ge-force) loop that is actually beyond what an astronaut feels during a space shuttle launch. This coaster is fun, surrounding you with Aerosmith beats (different for each train) the entire ride.

Currently sponsored by Hanes, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster offers FastPass+/FastPass, stand-by, and single rider (only at Hollywood Studios) lines and has five trains, with four in operation at a time. The fifth is rotated in routinely to allow maintenence and safety checks. A Ride PhotoPass is also taken during the initial launch. As a word of advice when you see the launch countdown start, be sure to rest your head all the way back and don’t stiffen your neck. Right after the tunnel you go into an inversion and if you fight it or are leaning forward you will likely be in for some pain.

As for the ride itself, you enter the queue and proceed inside the bulding where you are sorted into a preaiting zone. The doors open and you filter into a room showing Aerosmith practicing. Theirn manager shows up telling them they are late for a show and after some chatter they are off and she is setting you up for a ride to the concert with VIP Backstage passes. You are then moved to an alley looking area that leads to the actually boarding zone. Each train has six cars (looking like a giant limo) that seat four people, two across. Each seat also has 5 speakers to play it’s train’s soundtrack. Once boarded, the limo moves around to the launch tunnel as the next train comes up to load. The speakers kick in, talking the safety speech and then a traffic report. The countdon hit zero and you are launched upto speed n 2.8 seconds. Your photo is snapped and you are heading into the dark right into an inversion.assorted scenery glows in the dark as you zip around the track including a second inversion which this time is a corkscrew. You jam along finally reaching a red carpet exit to the concert where you can see your ride photos and proceed to the gift shop.

Paris has the same design but a slightly different story, there it goes Aerosmith worked with engineers to create a state of the art ride that you end up testing. The biggest difference is each train not only gets it’s own tune, but the lightshow is unique as well. The track is the same at both locations.


  • Speed: 57 mph
  • Inversions: 3Trains: 5
  • Capacity: 1800/hour
  • Duration 1:22 (Pre-show is 3:12)
  • Ge-Force: 1G at Launch, 4.5 G at loop
  • Height: 48 Inches

Hollywood Studios Tunes:

  • 1QKLIMO: “Nine Lives”
  • UGOBABE: “Love in an Elevator” & “Walk This Way” (Originally UGOGIRL)
  • BUHBYE: “Young Lust”, “F.I.N.E.*” & “Love in an Elevator”
  • H8TRFFC: “Back in the Saddle” & “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”
  • 2FAST4U: “Sweet Emotion”(live)

Walt Disney Studios Paris Tunes:

  • Soundtracker 1: green lightshow theme; plays “Back In The Saddle” and “Dude Looks Like A Lady”.
  • Soundtracker 2: purple lightshow theme; plays “Young Lust”, “F.I.N.E.” and “Love In An Elevator”.
  • Soundtracker 3: multicolour lightshow theme; plays “Love In An Elevator” and “Walk This Way”.
  • Soundtracker 4: red/yellow lightshow theme; plays “Nine Lives”.
  • Soundtracker 5: blue lightshow theme; plays “Sweet Emotion (live)”.

Hidden Mickeys:

  • One in the pre-show (small chalkboard in the bottom right corner of the sound room (this one was made by a cast member and changes at times)
  • One in the pre-show (on the ground, formed by three coils of wire).
  • One in place of each “Expiration Date” for the license plates on the limos.
  • Many on the floor in Studio C, hidden in the carpet pattern.
  • Three on the ride track itself (one found on a yellow sign behind a red limo, two on the ground in a cityscape area).
  • Two in the tile mosaic in the rotunda before the recording studio near the marble doors.
  • One in the post show area to the right as one enters this area.
  • Many on Steven Tyler’s shirt on the poster outside.
  • One on Joe Perry’s medallion on the outside poster.

Fun Facts:

  • The pre-show has a line where Joe Perry asks “Chris” to get his Black Les Paul. There is a signed black guitar that depending on staffing, a cast member goes and picks up. As a back up a roadie says in the film he’ll get it.
  • Common in the pre-show the cast member overseaing the crowd will often chat back with the film creating an illusion of interaction. Definately adds to the fun.
  • As listed above there are tons of Hidden Mickeys.
  • Also as listed above each train gets it’s own tune.
  • Scattered in various offices acorss Walt Disney World are paintings Denny Dent made of the band members from the special invitation only event when the ride opened that featured Aerosmith as guests of honor. Also from the event at the ride exit is a photo from the event. Some lucky attendees got to take ride on the coaster with a band member that night.
  • Vekoma, the company that manufactured the coaster, built nearly an identical outdoor version in the Netherlands in 2000 for Walibi Hollands. Originally dubbed Superman: The Ride, but renamed in 2014 to Xpress: Platform 13.
  • If you listen closely, you’ll notice some of the songs have a few different lines specifically for the attraction.

Derfinately making one of the more popular attractions, you should consider getting a FastPass/FatPAss+ for it. It’s one of the top thrill rides Disney has and is a must do. I do personally enjoy Expedition Everest more, but that is primarily because I love the theming and Animal Kingdom in general. My usually goal is two FastPass+ Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror and adjacent time slots then run thru Tower of Teror Standby line so that I’ll have time to jump on the first slot and get to the other when the second slot comes up for use. If you love coasters, you will most likely love this attraction, so get ready to jam and catch a ride!






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