Aladdin Show At California Adventure To Be Replaced By Frozen

Disney recently announced that the Aladdin stage show at the Hyperion Theater at Disney's California Adventure was gong to be replaced by a new show based on Frozen. The news has upset quite a number of people, as while their is nothing wrong with Frozen, Disney has practically flooded everything with it trying to cash in. Aladdin will continue thru the rest of the year and have it's final show January 10, 2016. As for Frozen, Disney has said it will have a few theatrical twists unique to the show, as well as a bunch of amazing musical numbers but will stay true to the film. It will also include “spectacular special effects” and “surprising scenic transformations.” Knowing Disney, I'm sure the show will be amazing, however, I think they might have been better off picking a different movie to base a new show on simply because of the abundance of Frozen in the parks. Let's face it, when it's almost to true for the Jungle Cruise Guide to joke that the ride's the only thing in the Magic Kingdom that's not Frozen…you might have gone a bit overboard. Perhaps, bringing the Tangled Show that's being produced for Disney Cruise Line also to California Adventure would have been a better choice.





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